Gun datum posts for the Steval & Woolpack Batteries

The Stevel Battery Datums,
Southard Well Point, Samson.
Battery c. 2860 yards

Post 3 - Picture of Datum Post 3 taken from the Datum nearest to Samson Island - Post 1

Datum Post 1

Datum Post 2

Pictures by Ed Cumming & Todd Stevens

The Woolpack Battery Datum,
The Cow, Gugh
Battery 2010 yards




Above & Right: The Range Datum for the Woolpack 6 inch gun battery built into The Cow off Gugh.    Pictures by Todd Stevens .


A Walk Around the Fortifications and Artillery of Garrison Hill, St Mary's by Ian Henn, ISBN: 9780955633324.

Unpublished Research by the Islands Maritime Archaeological Group (IMAG)


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