Articles in the Islander Magazine

The Islander Magazine is a high quality publication of mixed content about the Isles of Scilly which was first published in the Spring of 2008.  The articles listed here tend to be those referenced in Scillypedia (Historical & Island Detail); titles listed here sometimes differ to aid searches.  The photography is stunning and there are also regular features from the Tresco Gardens, The Bird Hide & Local Business Activities. Editor till 2012, Alasdair Moore, Photographer Adam White.  New Editors, 2012: Jon Mackenzie & Beth Hilton.  Long may it continue.

Spring 2008 (1st Ed.)

Through the Lens of the Gibson Family - Four Generations. Page 10.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - 'PRIMOS' - Page 30.

Scilly Seals in the Eastern Isles. Page 32.

The Islander - David Stedeford of Bryher. Page71.

Summer 2008 (2nd Ed.)

History & Adrenaline, The Pilot Gigs by Alasdair Moore - Page 10.

CZAR, Pilot Gig by Alasdair Moore - Page 18.

Scilly Boys Row 4 Home. Page 21.

The GIBSON Family Archive - Gems from Scilly's Past. Page 24.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - 'ROSA TACCHINI' - Page 30.

Autumn/Winter 2008 (3rd Ed.)

Submarine Scilly - 'King Cadwallon'. Page 19.

The GIBSON Family Archive - The Lethbridges.  Page 22.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - 'SERICA' - Page 46.

Crossing the Bar - The Island of Gugh by Piers Lewin. Page 55.

The BONNET, Pilot Gig. Page 62.

Spring 2009 (4th Ed.)

Living Memories - The Jenkins Family (Includes memories of the wreck 'ERIC RICKMERS)

Ghosts of Rosevear and the Wreck of the 'NANCY' packet - Todd Stevens. Page 22.

The GIBSON Family Archive - 'Post Cards'.  Page 28.

RMS Scillonian 111. Page 30.

Tomb (Bant's Carn) with a view by Katherine Sawyer. Page 38.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - 'Friar Tuck' - Page 59.

The Islander - Matt Lethbridge BEM.  Page 70.

Summer 2009 (5th Ed.)

Cromwell's Castle. Page 15.

The GIBSON Family Archive - 'Traditional Harvest Festival by Nickla Thies'.  Page 28.

The most south westerly pub in Britain ( 'Turk's Head') a brief history by John Dart. Page 53.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - Wreck of the 'AWARD' - Page 60.  (Also features the gig Golden Eagle)

The Islander - Frank Gibson. Page 69.

Autumn/Winter 2009 (6th Ed.)

Filming; When the Whales Came - Bryher 1988. Page 10.

The History of the Scillonian Magazine, launched in 1925. Page 17.

The Mermaid (Public House). Page 34.

The History of the Pilot Gig, SLIPPEN. Part 1, Page 51.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - Wreck of the ' THOMAS W. LAWSON' - Page 58.  Includes the account written by the T. W. Lawson's Engineer, Edward Rowe.

Spring 2010 (7th Ed.)

Round Island Lighthouse. Page 10.

The Wreck of the MINNEHAHA by Amanda Martin. Page 22.

The History of the Pilot Gig, SLIPPEN. Part 2, Page 44.

Ralph Bird - Boat Builder and Gig Revivalist. Page 50.

The Islander - Nonie Handy of Tresco. Page 70.


Summer 2010 (8th Ed.)

The GIBSON Family Archive - Captain Ste (Steven Jenkins). Page 18.

British International Helicopters - Four Million Passengers. Page 44.

The Statue Menhir of Chapel Down by Katherine Sawyer. Page 46.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - Wreck of the Steamship 'THAMES'. Page 56.

Autumn/Winter 2010 (9th Ed.)

Guardians of the Coast.  Contains excellant historical reference to Coastguard, Smuggling, Lifeboat, Breeches Buoy & Rocket Apparatus of Scilly.  Page 10.

The GIBSON Family Archive - Smugglers and Seven Sisters - a photographic portrait of the Nance family of St Martin's.  Page 18.

Old Shops of Scilly - Judy Douglas and the History of Scilly Shps & Shopkeepers. Page 24.

Peter Martin and the construction of the new island Gig, 'The Alfred Jenkins'.  Page 28

First Catch Your Limpets by Susan Hicks. 

The Figureheads of Valhalla - Wreck of the Falkland.  Page 49.

The Islander - Clive Mumford. Page 68.

Spring/Summer 2011 (10th Ed.)

The Garrison - Britain's Front line. Allan Brodie & Mark Bowden, English Heritage. Page 17.

The Wreck of the CITA by Anna Cawthray. Page 22.

Electric Isles.  25 years after mains electricity came to Scilly by Colin Daly. Page 27.

Gibsons of Scilly by Amanda Martin.  An image of Down Derry, Hugh Town, St Mary's in the 1870's.  Now Church Road. Page 34.

Hauling in the Cable - Arrival of the Telegraph by Sam Llewllyn.  Page 50.

The Story of Colossus, edited by R Larn. Page 52.

Butterflies on Scilly by Will Wagstaff (Photos by Bryan Thomas)  Page 56.

Tresco Treasures - Seeds in the potting shed.  Page 64.

The Islander - Mrs Dorothy Barker of St. Agnes.  Page 76.

Autumn/Winter 2011 (11th Ed.)

Island Artists - Janet & Patsy Swanborough.  Page 23.

Any Letters For Scilly - Amanda Martin investigates the development of the islands postal service.  Page 30.

St Helen's: Pilgrimage and Pestilence. - Scilly's most enigmatic uninhabited islands.  Page 34.

The Gibson Family Archive - The Marion G. Douglas 1919.  Page 50.

The Figureheads of Valhalla - Page 52.

The Islander - Alfie Trenear.  Page 77.

Spring/Summer 2012  (12th Ed.)

Seals of Scilly by Sue Sayer - Page 10.

Artists of the Islands: Stephen Morris by Jon Mackenzie & Chris Hall.  Page 18.

Wartime Memories WW2, Scillonian Frank Pender by Beth Hilton.  Page 22.

Built on Scilly (Ships) by Richard Larn & Roger Banfield.  Page 28.

The Show Must Go On by Beth Hilton (St. Mary's Theatre Club).  Page 41.

Archaeology of Gugh by Katharine Sawyer.  Page 54.

First Man Aboard (Scillonian Pilots) by Amanda Martin.  Page 56.

Tresco Treasures (Weeds) by Alasdair Moore & Adam White.  Page 62.

Scilly Seabirds by Will Wagstaff & Bryan Thomas.  Page 65.

The Islander - Keith Low of St Martin's.  Page 77.