Letter 'A'

Æschylus, Maxim of - God helps those who help themselves.  Eases the conscience of the Wreckers!

A-shoring - Early name for removing wreck material (parts of ship or cargo).

Acanthus - Bear's Breeches, family Acanthaceae.  See See Scilly Now & Then 62, October, 2013.  Linda Maddock.

Adams, Robert - England’s leading expert on coastal defences supervised the building of the Star Castle 1593 to 1594, and shortly after its completion a bastioned curtain wall was constructed across the neck of the Hugh headland.

Agapanthus - Escapee from the Tresco Abbey Gardens.  The Kaffir Lily of South Africa.

Agnes - See St Agnes.

Air Base at Tresco - Disbanded in 1918

Albert, Prince - 'Visitor to thy Islands'

Allet, John de - His name, and his wife Isabella appear in an early manuscript (1284) dealing with felons on the Isles of Scilly.  To quote in modern English: "John Allet and Isabella his wife hold the Isle of Scilly and hold there all kinds of pleas of the Crown throughout their jurisdiction and make indictments of felonies.  When anyone is attained of a felony he ought to be taken to a certain rock in the sea, and with two barley loaves and one pitcher of water upon the same rock they leave the same felon, until by the flowing of the sea he is swallowed up"  Some authors suggest the rock in question may be the Bishop Rock.

Alstroemeria - Peruvian Lily grown on the Islands, details Trenoweth.

Angelica, Wild - Grows on Porth Hellick Bank

Anglican Church - Mother Church St Mary's was built c. 1666 and remained unchallenged until 1743.  The Wesleyan arrived c. 1743.  See Churches

Annaker's Quay - Low tide quay for Bryher.  Built during the TV Series 'Challenge Annaker'. Rebuilt in 2008 as part of the Isles of Scilly quay upgrades.

Annet - Island Sea Bird Colony (Bird Island).  (Annet  - 'Little Agnes')

Appletree Bay (Tresco) - SV 891135.  Faces Bryher and Samson.  Site of ancient field system and enclosure which is not always visible.  [sa64]

Aquilla, Air Service - Sunderlands flying to Falmouth.

Archdruid's Chair - Can found near the Sun Rock not far from the Porth Hellick Burial Chamber. How to find it.

Argamore Pool - Area adjoining Watermill Farm, Near Porth Hellick.

Argand Lamps - Invented and patented in 1780 by Aimé Argand.  It greatly improved on the home lighting oil lamp of the day.  These lamps were fitted to the St Agnes lighthouse in 1790.

Ariadne - A cutter brought by Captain Frank Tregarthen to ply between St Mary's and Penzance (40miles).

Armorel's Cottage - The Samson cottage mentioned in Walter Basset's 'Armorel of Lyonese'. [snt20p8]

Arundells - A family recorded as having held the Captaincy of Scilly.  An Ann Arundell's husband, John Crokker was in 1505 recorded as "tenant-in-chief of the Castle and Manor of Scilly (GFM)

Ascue, Sir George - Parliamentarian sent with General Blake to sort out Sir John Granville, Royalist Governor of Scilly, who was causing havoc to merchant shipping around Scilly during the Civil War c. 1649 to 1651.

Ashbee, Paul - Archaeologist Porth Cressa excavation & Bant's Carn.

Ashford, Robert - Licensed Trinity House Pilot for St Martin's.  Died 1931 aged 88.

Ashlar - Finely cut blocks of stone laid accurately in courses with close joints.

Ashlifarson, Svein (Sweyn Asleifsson) - King of Orkney and Cathness who raided and plundered St Mary's in c. 1155.

Assize - The statutory regulation of/ setting of the price of e.g. bread, ale etc.  Regulations which were initiated on the mainland by Henry III.

Association, HMS - One of Sir Clowdisley Shovell's fleet lost in the Western Rocks on the night of the 24th October 1707.  See also HMS Eagle, HMS Romney and HMS Firebrand.

Association, HMS Stern Crest - Presented to Penzance Borough Council c.1834 as thanks for a cargo of potatoes sent to the Isles of Scilly to relieve starvation.

Atlantic Hotel - 25 room hotel located in the High Street, Hugh Town St Marys.

Aunt - Woman of middle rank in Scilly.  Generally the more 'respected' islanders. [lst]

Aunt Joaney,s Well - Shown on the 1888 Map, southwest of Parting Carn. Field system 723.

Autumn Lady's Tresses - Spiranthes spiralis an orchid about four inches high with spiralling flowers-spikes of creamy blooms.  These are often found on the Garrison Walls near the Woolpack and Covered Way (east wall).

Avenue Inn - Old public house on St Agnes.

Award - New ship wrecked in 1861.  Provided Tresco Abbey with wood and a teak sideboard. [nswk]

ANOB - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.