Letter 'E'

Eagle, HMS - One of Sir Clowdisley Shovell's fleet lost in the Western Rocks on the night of the 24th October 1707.  See also HMS Association, Romney, Firebrand and Phoenix.

Eastern Isles - [snt10p6]

Edward the Confessor - King 1042 to 1066.

Edwards Inn - Early Inn, Hugh Town, St Mary's.

Edward VI's Reign - 1547 to 1553.

Edwards, Mr Roger - Was a member of the Court of Civil Judicature.  Lived at Newford [iosrh]

Ekins, Thomas - Key figure involved in the running of the Islands c 1663 to 1705.  See also Wreck of the Shaftsbury.

Electricity, Mains - Came to the islands in 1986.  See Islander Magazine.

Elizabeth I - Accession to the throne in 1558, and world politics at this time, changed the Isles of Scilly from an English backwater to a strategic military base in the Western Approaches.

Ell, Edmund - Memorial in a wall near Old Grimsby, Tresco.  Picture Left.  Died in 1866, aged 14 years.

Emma Louise - St Mary's Gig built 2004.

Ennor  - Now  Old Town, St Mary's.

Ennor Castle - The first castle built at Old Town on St Mary's.  Said to have been built by the Earls of Cornwall c. 11th century.  There is no information as to the construction date or its early history.  the first reference to it is contained in a grant of 1306 when it was held for Edward 1st by Ralph de Blanchminster.  He was to maintain the peace with a contingent of twelve men of arms and pay the King the sum of 6 shillings and six pence or 300 Puffins.  In Leyland's report on the Scilly Islands in 1538 he stated that the Castle was in a ruinous condition.  It is reported elsewhere that most of its stone was carted away to build the Star Castle on the Hugh (Garrison).

En Noer - The Land.  Possibly the name given to Scilly when a much larger island?

Entente Cordiale - 1904, End of conflict with France.  Guns disarmed on the Garrison.

Entrance Graves (c. 2500-700 BC) - Similar to the more elaborate Passage Graves of Ireland & Brittany. They are often aligned together in 'family' groups on the crests of prominent hills over the Islands.  There is evidence of both cremation, with the remains placed in pottery urns and simple internment with the bodies allowed to disintegrate naturally.  They appear to have been used over long periods of time and are often linked by low fields walls.  Over seventy are documented on the Isles of Scilly.

Erik Rickmers - See Ship Incidents. Wrecked 1899. The bell in the old school at Carn Thomas is from the ship.

Eringoes - The sugar coated root of the Sea Holly.  Eaten as a medicinal rejuvenator and stimulant.

Escallonia - Windbreak shrub introduced from Chile.

Euonymus - Evergreen shrub used for wind break.