Letter 'F'

Fantasy Jungle - Mural painted at the Porthcressa Cafe, St Mary's in 1983 by the Swanborough sisters, Janet and Patsy.

Farming - On a reasonable scale, probably started in c. 1750.  Since there was naturally fertile soil it favoured the cultivation of many crops particularly barley.  Shelter was at that period a major problem.  The failure to  rotate crops was another.  Since there were a limited number of animals providing manure to retrieve the situation, seaweed was used with a limited success.  It had the ability to damage the effectiveness of the soil.  Scilly was not the only area in the British Isles to suffer.  Of significance as far as Scilly is concerned are the growing of potatoes and crops like narcissus which are dealt with elsewhere.

Feather - Slither of iron, two of which would be placed in a hole drilled into rock.  A 'tare', round sectioned piece of iron would be placed between the two pieces and struck.  A line of these, struck in sequence, are used to split large pieces of granite c.1800. See also 'jumper'.  In Portland, Dorset, a 'feather' was a large iron wedge used to split the stone i.e. very similar. See also [tsm 271/151-153]

Fennel - Rock west of Morning Point, Garrison.

Ferrari, Count Leon - Italian nobleman who married a Scillonian girl.  St Marys Hall was built c.1939 as their private house.

Fiddle - Carved wooden surround found on a few ship's figureheads.  See Valhalla.

Fiddlehead - Stemhead of a vessel finished off with a scroll turning inwards (like the top of a violin).  Generally this was instead of a figurehead.  Examples in Valhalla.

Figurehead - Carving normally on the bow of a ship. See Valhalla.

Finneagued - May be local word, used in a story about Augustus Smith [vyvy p218].  See Odd Legends.

Firebrand, HMS - One of Sir Clowdisley Shovell's fleet lost in the Western Rocks on the night of the 24th October 1707.  See also HMS Association, HMS Romney, HMS Eagle.

Fishermans Arms - Now Smugglers' Ride, Thorofare, St Mary's

Five Islands School - The secondary school of the Islands, based in Hugh Town.  Soon to be replaced.

Flood Hatch [Shoreline] - Between Plumb Rocks & Plumb Hill Tresco.

Flower Industry - [snt15p16-17] & [snt16pp16-18]

Folly, The - A diamond shaped area on Christian Lilly's Map of 1715 near the Woolpack.  Possible fortification.

Fraggle Rock - Very recent name for a converted barn once used by Harbour View Farm Bryher.

Frankpledge - The system whereby every member of a 'tithing' was answerable for the good conduct of, or the damage done by, any one of the other members.  Back

Frankpledge, View of - A court held periodically for the production of the members of a tithing, later of a 'hundred' or 'manor'. 

Freemasonry - Started in Scilly on the 15th April, 1755 [snt20pp20-21].  The Godolphin Lodge is No. 7790.

French Wars - 1793 to 1815.

Friar Tuck - China Tea clipper shipwrecked in 1862 on Taylor's Island and notable  for bring the Chinese geese to the Tresco Abbey duckery. [nwrk]

Fyson, Geoffrey - One of the partnership who founded the Scillonian Magazine.  He was a school master in Scilly from 1922 - 1927.  Died very young in 1948.