Letter 'G'

Gahan Hotel - Now the Post Office building in Hugh Town, St Mary's.

Garlic, Wild - See Wild Flowers.

Garlander - May Queen Attender.

Garrison - See Garrison Page.  Also [sah54]

Garrison Gate - Built early seventeenth century as part of the curtain wall which crossed the neck of the Garrison hill, coast to coast.  The bell tower was added later c. 1742 by Abraham Tovey the master gunner who remodelled the defences.  His initials, AT along with GIIR (George II) & FG (Francis Godolphin) can be seen on plaques above the gateway.

Garrison Tower - Originally one of a pair.  Became Lloyds Signal Station in 1871.  See Scilly Now & Then, No. 57 page 33 by Geoffrey Clark.

Gatehouse, Garrison - Left as you pass through the Garrison Gate. 

Gendall - Old Scillonian name.

Geology of Scilly - References.  Search Geology1

German WW1 Mine at Valhalla - Washed ashore at Stinking Porth, Bryher.  De-fused and displayed at Valhalla for many years.

Gew - Old name/spelling for Gugh (St Agnes)

Giant's Castle, South St Mary's {SV918101}  Iron Age Fort south of Church Porth.

Giant's Grave(s) - Old term used to describe an 'Entrance Grave'

Giant's Punchbowl - St Agnes.  Two large masses of rock, once said to be a 'loganstone'. Today it rests at two positions.

Gig - Pilot Boat. 30 feet long, 5 feet beam and made of inch thick, Cornish Elm. See Gigs and Cutters of the Isles of Scilly by A. J. Jenkins.  Question;  Why were Gigs banned from having 8 oars?  Because the 'Cutters' could not catch them!

Gibsons (Photographers) of Scilly

Gibson, Alexander - Photographer and antiquarian of Scilly. His  exhibitions of his collection in his Lyonesse Studio led to the setting up of the Island Museum in July 1967.

Gibson, A - Archaeologist worked in Scilly.

Gibson, Marion - Champion Powerlifter.

Gilbert Porth - South of South Pelistry {1887}

Gillyflower - Variety of early potato.

Gilstone Ledges (West Peninnis Head)

Gimble Porth - Tresco {SV 890 160}

Ginnicks - Generic name once given to the men of St Martin's.

Girt - Large rock crevice [st]

Glasgow, HMS - Incident at Crow Rock

God's Acre - Near Old Town Church.

Godolphin, Francis - Queen Elizabeth I leased him the Islands for 10 per in c. 1570 for 38 years providing he defended them.  This was a turning point in Scilly history.  There were several Francis Godolphins.  Francis, the Earl of Godolphin dies in 1766.  He was succeeded by Francis, second baron of Helston who also succeeded to the lease of the Isles of Scilly.  The Godolphin family held the lease for 281 years until 1831 when they returned to the Crown and the stewardship of the Duchy of Cornwall.  The next lessee was Augustus Smith in 1834.

Godolphin, Hotel - Currently St. Mary's Hall, Church Road.

Goofers - Newcomers to a game of golf at Scilly.  Mal-de-Mer Club.

Golden Ball Brow - Between north Tresco and St Helen's.  Infamous as the site of the wreck of the SS Mando in 1955.  See Shipwrecks.  Note: The ship's Italian chef had been wrecked before on Scilly in 1926 on board the S.S. Isabo and was rescued  by the same lifeboat coxswain, Matt Lethbridge.  More research needed!

Golden Eagle - Gig, named after the eagle on the obverse of the gold dollars received by the pilots of Bryher for saving the crew of the American ship, Award, wrecked on Gweal Island, March, 1861.

Golden Eagle Gig Shed - Behind the Great Pool, Bryher.  Now an artists studio.

Goose Barnacles - A complex barnacle generally found attached to items found floating in the sea for an extended period.  See Washed Up at Nornour.

Goose-dancing (Also guise-dancing) - Dancing in bright dresses.  Costumes giving an element of disguise. [vyvy p61] [iosgfm pp28-29] [lst]

Gorregan - Small island/islet in the Western Rocks beyond Annet.

Governors of Scilly - Includes Lessees & Lord Proprietors etc.  See Note.

Grand Monarques - Traditional Narcissus.

Grazing Heath-land - Used by the Wildlife Trust to prevent scrub invasion which damages the heath land.

Great Tomb - The name often given to the Porth Hellick entrance grave, best preserved of any on Scilly's.  It differs from most of the others in Scilly in having a passage leading to a partially restricted, chamber entrance.  See Photograph Gallery.  

Grenville, Sir John - (1628 to 1701).  Loyal Royalist who fought for King Charles I and who knighted him in 1643.  He accompanied the Prince Charles to Scilly, Jersey and Paris.  When Charles's father was executed in 1649, Charles, now King Charles II, appointed him as Governor of Scilly c. 1649 to 1651.  Grenville directed Royalist privateers from Tresco and St Mary's in a lucrative campaign against both English and Dutch merchantmen to raise money for Charles II court in exile.  He was forced to surrender on the 23rd May, 1651 under generous terms from Generals Blake and Ayscue.  See www.british-civil-wars.co.uk    Note he may have been Governor again c. 1688 under William III?

Great Bay (St Martins) - Noted as one of Scilly's finest beaches.

Great Bottom - Near the 'Horse' at Shipman Head.

Great Britain Rock - East of Water Rocks Down

Great English Island Neck - Ref.

Great High Rock (Bryher)

Great Par, Bryher 

Great Pool (Bryher) - West Bryher and east of Gweal Hill. Small area of brackish water, very near the sea.  Grey Mullet breed here.  It is also a study site for organisms living in brackish waters.

Great Pool (Tresco) - The larger of the two lakes associated with Tresco Abbey.  The other is the Abbey Pool.

Green, Sergeant Alfred - Hero of the Homeguard.  Rescued an Air Gunner from a Air Crash on Sciily c. WWII.

Green Island - Off Tobaccoman's Point, south-east Tresco.

Greenlaw, Alan - See obituary [tsm 259/128]

Grenville, Sir John - Governor of Scilly c.1646.

Crim - As in Crim Rocks.  Cornish meaning 'creeping', 'trembling', 'shuddering feeling' as from fear.  Go there and you will agree!

Gruzelier - Old Scillonian name.

Guardhouse, Garrison - Left as you pass through the Garrison Gate

Gulf, The - Channel between the main island of Bryher and Shipman Head.

Gugh - Island attached to St Agnes at low water.  Article Islander Magazine

Guinea-money - Small cowry shaped shells.

Guisers - Goose-dancers.

Gulf Stream - Warm water current flowing from the southwest responsible for warmer weather of the British Isles.

Gull Rock Pit - Small bowl just inside and behind the Gull Rock. Entrance to Old Town Bay.

Gun Hill - North Tresco

Gun Hill Cairn - St Martin's.   SV 93911, 15386.  Ruined Entrance Grave which had a chambered tomb within a stone kerb.

Guther's - See Rocks

Gweal - Small island/islet off west Bryher.

Gweal Hill (Bryher) - Western promontory of Bryher.