Letter 'H'

Hangman's Hill - North of Down Derry where it is said, some soldiers were hung for mutiny.

Hangman's Island (Bryher) - Legend has that Admiral Blake hanged some of his men on this rocky island off Bryher.  Said to be doubtful,  'An Men' is the Cornish name for 'Rock'.

Hanjague - Island/islet near St Martin's.

Halangy Down - Northwest St Mary's

Halangy Village - Fine example of an Iron Age settlement/village.  BNG SV 910 124.

Handy, Nonie - Lady from Tresco.  See Islander Magazine.

Harry's Walls , St Mary's - Started as a defence for St Mary's harbour in 1551.  However it was decided that it was in the wrong place and much of the stone was reused on the Star Castle.  The plans of this castle are still available in London.  Also the site of a standing stone or menhir c. 2000 to 800 BC.  BNG SV 909 109.  This was recorded by William Borlase in 1756.  The reason for the holes drilled into this standing is unknown but since there is a modern navigation marker nearby, was it used to support some form marker in the past?

Harry Tate's Navy - The Royal Navy Patrol Service, RNPS.
Note from their web 
"Little of the limelight falls upon the anti-submarine trawlers of the RN. Patrol Service. Yet these humble, unglamorous little ships with their slow speed, limited armament and comparatively untrained crews were to prove just as much of a headache to the Nazi U-boat fleet as their bigger sisters in the Navy's general service.'   See also F P Jones headstone Old Town. There is currently limited information on HMS Mutin.

Haycocks - A series of pyramid shaped rocks sticking out from Annet.

Head-of the-Lane - Bryher

Heath, Robert - He came to Scilly in 1744, he was an officer in HM forces and wrote his 'Account of the Islands of Scilly', 1750. [vyvyp7]  Much of what he wrote was about the customs he found and the possible roots into the past.  A significant reference source.

Heathy Hill - Southwest Bryher.

Heathy Point - Southwest Bryher.

Hector - Type of Crab?

Heimkringla - Norse saga see [tfi] pages 33, 34 & 37.

Heliport (Tresco) - North of Abbey Green

Hell Bay (Bryher) {SV874 162}

Helvear Hill [1909] - South Helvear Down

Helvear Down - Northeast St Mary's, south of Innisidgen, Innisidgen Carn & Innisidgen Hill.

Hencastle - Old name for Old Town, St Mary's.

Hencken, O'Neill (Professor) - Writer 'Cornwall and Scilly Archaeological Series 1932.

Henry Edwards Hotel - Now the Bank House, Hugh Town.

Hercules - Name of the craft used to carry 3220 tons of granite to re-case the Bishop Rock Lighthouse and heighten it by 36 feet.  c.1882, cost £65,000.

Heugh Town - Older spelling of Hugh.

Hewgill, Major General Edwin (19th Foot) - Appointed July 28, 1804 as Lieutenant Governor of the Scilly Isles following General Ainslie.

Heyucastle - Old name for Old Town, St Mary's.

Hicks - Family of St Agnes.  See The Scillonian, Part 1; No. 267, Summer 2008, pages 177- 180.  Part 2; No. 270, Winter 2009, pages 154 - 159.

Hicks, Israel (St Agnes) - Last man to to contract for the relief service to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse using his five oared gig Elaine .

Hicks, Issac - RCG, February 14 records him having died at the age of 96 years.  At the time, the oldest man in Scilly.

Hicks, Jack (St Agnes) - Trinity Pilot.  Last pilot to be put aboard a vessel on the 22nd December 1938.  The ship was the Foremost, and the gig was the Gipsy.

Hicks, Jacob - School master who died in 1852, at the great age of 96 and is buried in Bryher churchyard.

Hicks, Obediah (St Agnes) - For many years he and his wife Mary relieved the Bishop Rock Lighthouse with their gig O & M. Said to be a wonderful character.  The barrow on St Agnes was named after him.

Hicks, Osbert C., - RNLI Coxswain, St Agnes. Medal: [tsm 268/163]

Hillvear Farm - St Mary's, Near Innisidgen.

Higher Moors (St Mary's) -Nature Trail [SV925107 to 921115]

Higher Town (St Martins)

Higher Trenoweth (North St Mary's) -Farm & Hamlet.

Hockin, Samuel - First lighthouse keeper at St Agnes Lighthouse, 1680.

Holed Stones - Possibly used in bonding type ritual e.g. marriage.  Best example Tresco Gardens.  Others can be found at gardens in Rocky Hill & Watermill.

Holgates Hotel - Established 1899 and enlarged in 1915.  Said to be the largest hotel on the island c. 1932.

Holman - Tresco Channel?

Holy Vale (Central St Mary's) - Sheltered valley hamlet.

Holzmaister, Louise - One of the 300 victims of the wreck of the S. S Schiller in 1875.  Her grieving husband erected a large obelisk to her memory high up in the Old Town Churchyard.  The memorial reads "In memory of Louise Holzmaister, born New York, May 15th, 1851, who lost her life in the wreck of the S.S. 'Schiller', off the Scilly Isles, May,7th, 1875.  Her body rests in the deep.  This monument has been erected to her memory as a mark of affection by her sorrowing husband".  On the west side can be read: "In the wreck of the S.S. 'Schiller', more than 300 persons perished, about a hundred of whom are buried in this churchyard."  On the north and south sides are two inscriptions in German; "Unvergesclich" (Never to be forgotten) & "Den Deingen" (Yours)

Hoo (Hugh) - Meaning ‘elevated ground’ or ‘promontory.

Hooper, Clement - Old Scillonian family [tsm 232, ps 109-110]

Hope, Packet - The first Post Office packet between Penzance and St Mary's, c. 1804; James Tregarthen, Commander.

Hopkins, David - Respected Tresco gardener & Tresco church organist.  Died 2nd July, 2003 aged 81 years.  There is a plaque to his memory in Tresco church.

Hornet, H M Sloop:

Times: Thursday, July 25, 1805, Issue 6394 - Quarantine Issues
"The PANDOUR, of 44 guns, and the HORNET, of 16, are to lie as lazarettos at Scilly or Falmouth;  the later is fitted up for the reception of the Medical Staff, who are to be employed on the business of putting the Quarantine Laws in execution, according to the last Act of Parliament."

Royal Navy 16 Gun Cormorant-Class Sloop of 428 tons was launched in 1794.  Having had a notable career she was paid off in 1804 from active service. The Hornet was fitted at Plymouth between September 1804 and July 1805 for the Medical Military Staff, and was commissioned in June 1805 under Lieutenant Charles Williams as a hospital ship in the Isles of Scilly. Charles Williams died in 1810 and his tombstone can be found on the floor inside Old Town Church, St Mary's.

Hornet was paid off from this service and laid up at Plymouth Dockyard in May 1811. On 30 October 1817 she was sold to a Mr Bailey for £920.

Are deposited the remains of
who was commander of
Guard ship at St Helen's Pool
He departed this life
On the 8th day of August
Aged 37 years

Horse Point - Headland at N E Shipman Head, Bryher.

Hospital, St Mary's - Built in 1938.

Hottentot Fig - Mesembryanthemum.  Introduced by Augustus Smith on Tresco in the mid eighteen hundreds from South Africa.  Their rapid spread around the islands is probably due to the gulls using their stems as nesting material.  They are badly damaged by frost.

Hound, Gig - St Mary's gig which capsized in a sudden squall.  See Times: July 13, 1875, Issue 28366 - Scillonian Cricketers Lost in a  Fatal Boat Accident. Those drowned were; W. P. Hicks, Walter Hicks, Walter Legg and Saunderson Phillips.  Those that survived were; Augustus Jackson, Thomas Vingoe, Thomas Hicks, Henry Jenkins (All Pilots) and Nicholas Gibson, a carpenter.

House of the Head - Outcrop, south of Shipman Head, Bryher.

Howe, Lord - Scilly Packet c. April, 1815 (Successor of the packet, Hope)

Hugh, The (Heugh) - Old name for the Garrison Hill.  The name comes from the Cornish for 'promontory'.  Work to fortify the Hugh started in the Elizabethan period c. 1593 and ended in c. 1940 for WW2.

Hugh Town - Main town on St Mary's.

Hugh House - Main Office of the Duchy of Cornwall on the Garrison, St Mary's.

Hunkin, John - Governor at Scilly c. 1651.  See Note