Letter 'I'

Ice Age (The last one, 20,000 years ago.) -  Got as far as North Bryher and North Tresco.  In these areas there is sandstone from Southern Ireland and Flint from St Georges Channel.

Ictis - Latin name for St Michael's Mount in Cornwall.

Illiswilgig - Islet (Large rock) in the Norrad Rocks.  See also named rocks.

Inner Head/Monk's Cowl - Southwest Peninnis Head.

Innis - Cornish for 'island' i.e. Peninnis

Innisidgen (St Mary's) -  Name said to derive from Enys-au-geon (St. John's Island) SY921 127

Innisidgen Hill  (St Mary's) - Behind the the island of the same name.

Innisidgen Entrance Graves - Lower: SV 9211, 1271 & Upper (Higher): SV 9220, 1265. 

Insula Santi Sampsonis - Sampson c.1150?

Interregnum - Plural interregna or interregnums, is a period of discontinuity or "gap" in a government.  In Scilly it mainly applies to the Civil War period c. 1642 - 1660.  It could also apply when the Godolphin family gave up the lease of the islands c. 1826, to 1833, when it was taken over by Mr Augustus Smith.

Invererne - An iron clad sailing ship of 743 tons.  Built in 1865 at Port Glasgow for Francis Banfield & Son, she was originally called Anne Laity Banfield until sold in 1872.  Further information [snt 21p19].

Inundation, The - Great Storm of 1744, caused major flooding to Hugh Town.

Iron Age - 700-400AD.

Izzicumpucca - Cavern west of Big Jolly Rock, Peninnis.