Letter 'J'

Jack's Bar, - Pub in Holgates Hotel, St Mary's. Known as 'The East End'.

Jacky's Point - East of Porth Hellick Down.

Jeffreyson, Captain - Commandant Scilly in 1740.  Accused of being high handed.

Jenka - Island supply ship prior to Gry Maritha c. pre-1990.

Jenkins, Pilot Edwin - He was put aboard an Italian four masted barque called Emmanuele Accame from the gig Daring in January 1895.  Unable the guide the barque to a safe mooring in Scilly he was forced to stay aboard.  It is likely that he stayed in his wet cloths because he contracted a fatal illness and died on route to Dublin.  He was buried at Mount Jerome, Dublin on the 16th January, 1895.  Edwin Jenkins left a widow and seven children.  See Times: January 26, 1895, Issue 34484 Loss of Scillonian Pilot.

Jenkins, Captain Stephen - The last Master of the last cutter to sail out of Scilly.

John Johns - Steward and Agent to the Duke of Leeds for over 34 years. His term started in c.1797.  In 1818 the Duke of Leeds appointed him President of the Council.  His son W. T. Johns appears to have taken over from him, but probably lost the position when Augustus Smith arrived. See [tsm 215/94-96] by Molly Mortimer.  Recorded [mt-rcg, July 23, 1814] as a Magistrate.  In [mt-rcg, February 1, 1817] his house was flooded by a gale.

Jolly, Gig - Banned from putting to sea in 1828 for smuggling offences.

Jumper - Long iron bar with a large bulb of iron in the middle a pointed end used to chisel out holes in granite. [tsm 271/151-153]

Just, Clara - 29 year old victim of the wreck of the Schiller in 1875, Old Town Churchyard. She was buried with her son Edward, her daughter Else, was not found or possibly not identified.  The inscription: 

"Hier rut Clara ust, mit ihrem Soehnchen Eduard.  Sie war geboren amersten, Sepbr., 1846, und starb am 8 ten Mai, 1875, beim untergange des Schiffes Schiller, mit ihren beiden Kindern, Else und Eduard.  Ruh sanft mit deiner Kindern, du edles treues Weib, du gute liebrieche Mutter"

Translation:  "Here rests Clara Just, with her little son Edward.  She was born September 1st, 1846, and died 8th May, 1875, at the sinking of the ship "Schiller", with her two children Else and Edward.  Rest gently with your children, noble, faithful wife, good, loving mother"