Letter 'O'

Obadiah's Barrow, Gugh - SV 8880, 0848.  Ancient entrance grave excavated by George Bonsor in 1901 and found to contain a sitting skeleton together with twelve pottery urns containing cremated human remains.  One of these can be viewed in the Isles of Scilly Museum.  Bronze Age, about 2000 to 1500BC.  Lies on the S.W. side of Kittern Hill.  It is approximately 24ft in diameter.  There is a shortish angled entrance 15ft long.  Aligned for the Mid-Winter Solstice Sunrise i.e. S.E.  Close by is Carn Valla a very damaged entrance grave, SV 8886,0845.

Obadiah Hicks - Resident of St Agnes circa 1900.  George Bonsor, who lodged with him, named the Barrow (above) after him.  Obadiah died in 1915 and is buried in St Agnes churchyard.

Olaf Tryggvessön - King of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland who the saga Heimkringla say raided Scilly.

Old Block House, see Block House.

Old Grimsby (Tresco)

Old Lookout, Beacon Hill, Tresco.

Old Man of Gugh - Nine foot tall standing stone, northeast Gugh.  May have formed part of Bronze Age ritual or some form of boundary stone place by man.  Excavated by George Bonsor in 1900 but nothing found.  There are groves on one side of the stone which are not understood.

Old Mill, Tresco - This can be found near the Estate Office, New Grimsby.  Identified by a tall chimney, it is now a timeshare.  It was built c. 1830 and was originally a barley mill and fish smokery.

Old Town, St Mary's - At one time there were two hamlets around what is now Old Town Bay.  Church-town, built near the mother church of St Mary's on the Peninnis side and Old Town towards the ruins of the Ennor Castle/Fortification.  Church-town housed the Priest's house, a vestry/courthouse and a few other dwellings no longer standing.

Olearia - Windbreak shrub introduced c. 1860 from Chatham Island in the Pacific.

Oliver's Battery - Level area near Carn Near. There are traces of a rectangular building next to the Carn.  Built c. 18th April 1651 when the Parliamentary forces captured Tresco and 23rd May when the Royalist garrison on St Mary's surrendered. This is the only Parliamentary  battery on the Isles of Scilly.

O'Neil, B. H. J. - Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments c. 1953.

Orbygnia Cohune - Palm Nut that does not float.  [tsm 225/61]

Ornatus - A narcissus.

Ore-weed - Seaweed called Kelp.

Owen, Sir James G. - Born in Plymouth 1869 the son of the Collector of Customs at Scilly.  Married a Scillonian, died in 1939.