Letter 'R'

RAOB - Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.

Rab - Area of rock around an island or islet on which nothing can grow.  If there is soil above the 'rab' like on Rosevear for example, tree mallow and sea beet can take hold.

R A F Newford, St Mary's - Built on St Mary's at Peninnis during WW2.  According to [rlb] it was an Intermediate GC1, MK8C which was destroyed in the War.

Radio Scilly - Started in 2008 was claimed to be the worlds smallest radio station.  In 2007 it was serving 2000 people.  Frequency 107.9 FM.

Ram - Local, Isles of Scilly, name for the soil formed by the breakdown of granite.  Orange in colour and traditionally used as a mortar in the construction of buildings.

Ram's Valley - North Porth Cressa.

Rat Island - A rock outcrop which is now part of the modern harbour quay.

Ratte Island - Sampson.   Judging from an entry in The Itinerary of John Leland 1535 - 1543 it was correctly named; " There is one isles of the Scylles crawed Rat Island, yn which be so many rattes that, yf a horse or any other lyving best be brought thyer, they devore hym".

Rattenburgh, Peter - Commissary of the Isles of Scilly, late 1600's.  Memorial in Old Town Church

Raveen (Ravine) - Rocks around Porthcressa, south of Porth Cressa Brow.  Near the Pilchard Pool.

Rechabite's Slip - Named after a boathouse which stood near the slip on the Strand. The boathouse housed the Rechabite Tent, a meeting place for the Rechabite's, a friendly society of total (alcohol) abstainers.

Red Ruby Cattle - Used by the Wildlife Trust to graze the heath land.

Rentemen - Mentioned in literature as an old name for Tresco. [tsigg p22]

Responder Beacon, Final - Radar-responder beacons were employed as a landing aid for aircraft, it transmits only in response to an interrogation signal from a planes (or ship’s) radar, at the time when the latter’s rotating scanner bears on it. During this period, the device in reaction to these signals, transmits back a coded reply pulse.  One was installed at Mount Todden during WW2, the concrete base can still be seen.

Reumen - Old name for a Scilly island.  Which one is not known.

Rhodian Law - Body of regulations governing commercial trade and  navigation in the Byzantine Empire beginning in the 7th century. Also Rhodian Sea Law.  It led in England to the Right of Wreck by landowners.

Rievaulx, Lord, (Harold Wilson) - Name derives from an Rievaulx Abbey, near Helmsley, Yorkshire.  Built by the Cistercian Monks in 1132.

Road, The - St Mary's Road.

Rocket Apparatus - Dennett's rocket apparatus was introduced to Scilly in c. 1844.  There were other inventions at this period.  Henry Trengrouse & Captain Edward Manby.

Rocket House - The structure within the Garrison Magazine/Powder Room.  See [sah54, 16 on the map]

Rocky Hill - Farm off Rocky Hill Lane.

Rolli, Captain - Junior Officer aboard the ISABO saved by the gig CZAR.  Revisited the islands in July 1966 to thank all those who saved his life.  See his present of a Glass Seagull in the Isles of Scilly Museum.

Roman Alter - Said to have been found in a well at the bottom of the Garrison steps near the entrance to Tregarthen's Hotel.  There may have been a chapel nearby dedicated to St Maudut.  The Alter is currently in the Tresco Abbey Gardens

Romney, HMS - One of Sir Clowdisley Shovell's fleet lost in the Western Rocks on the night of the 24th October 1707.  See also HMS Association, Eagle, Firebrand and Phoenix.

Rookery - Old, and unofficial name of the Public Assistance Building (Poor Law Institution).  Also called the Work House, Union & Poor House.

Rose Hill - Bottom of Rocky Hill Lane.

Rosevean - Islet in the Western Rocks.

Rosevear - An uninhabited Island/Islet in the Western Rocks.  [grwnp]  In the last half of the nineteenth century was home to the builders of the Bishop Rock Lighthouse.

Roundheads - Member of the Parliamentary Party in the English Civil War.

Rushy Bay - Beautiful sandy bay south of the island of Bryher.  Named after Augustus Smith planted Marram Grass Rushes to stabilise the sandy dunes that were seriously effected by erosion.

Round Island - Houses the Round Island Lighthouse. It is a kilometre to the north-west of Teän.  Gallery

Round Island Lighthouse - Excellent Article - [tim] Spring 2010, p10.  Article Islander Magazine

Royal Visits - 1846 Queen Victoria, Prince Albert & the Prince of Wales; 1865 Second visit of H. R. H. Prince of Wales;  1902 Prince of Wales now King Edward VII.