Letter 'U'


U-Boats during war - See The Scillonian, No. 268, pages 161-161. [rl] & Times Newspaper Index

Umbellifers - Family of plants, one of which is the Hogweed and another called Rock Samphire

Underland Girt - A cave at the end of an inlet on the eastern side of White Island.  Once called St Martin's Piper's Hole.

Uncle - Man of middle rank in Scilly.  Generally the more 'respected' islanders. [lst]

Uncle Tom's Cave - Near the Giant's Castle.

Union Inn - An old St Mary's Public House.  Said to have had a 'secret room' for hiding from the Customs men.

Uren, J. G. - Writer of 'Scilly and the Scillonians' in 1907.