Letter 'V'


Valhalla (Tresco Gardens) - Home of a superb collection of ship's figureheads and ship embellishments.

Left: Summerhouse at Tresco Abbey c. 1874, soon to become Valhalla, ILN.

Vean - Cornish meaning 'little'.

Vean, Carn - Area east of St Mary's

Vear - Cornish for 'great'.

Vernacular - Something tending to be traditional, e.g. Vernacular buildings being the normal styles found in the towns and countryside, not those specially or architecturally designed.  The ruined cottages on Samson are a good example on Scilly.  See [sbh-pp6-7]

Venus, Gig (Bryher) -  C. 1828 stopped from putting to sea by the Customs & Excise because of smuggling offences.

Victory Inn - Pub on Bryher c.1945

Vigoreaux, Lieutenant George (2nd Royal Veteran Battalion) - Lieutenant Governor of the Scilly Islands. January 6th, 1810. [mt-rcg]

Vine Inn, the Strand - Now Vine Cottage.  There was also a Vine public house on Bryher, also now Vine Cottage.

Vinegar Ledge - Small ledge north of Toll's Island.