Letter 'X, Y, & Z'



Yellow Horned Poppy - Glaucium flavum Crantz.  [nwf]

The root of this plant is used by apothecaries for pain relief.  Being generally restricted to shingle the Yellow Horned-poppy is a rare plant, although it may be locally abundant where it is found, forming impressive colonies.


Yarrow (Achillea) - Achillea comes from Achilles.  He was wounded at the siege of Troy and was told by the weeping Aphrodite to cover his wounds with yarrow to ease the pain.  The plant was used to heel the wounds of battle and was known as 'Knights Milfoil'.  A Yarrow infusion is drunk as a tonic and stimulant.  Found widely in Scilly.

Ynys-scao (Iniscaw) - Tresco; Isle of Elders.

Young, John - Inventor of the 'One man All-Seated Stadium'.  [tsm 263/129]


Zantman's Rocks - See Named Rocks.


Zawn -Reeth - Cove near Lands End, Cornwall where the Scillonian Telegraph Cable enters the mainland.

Left: Sketch of Zawn-Reeth Cornwall, entry point of the telegraph cable.  ILN.

Zelda (Gig) - Paid for from salvage of cargo from the wrecked vessel Zelda in 1874.  Sadly she was damaged by a lorry in 1950 and sold to the Pilot's Gig Restaurant, St Mary's.

Zinkeisen, Hermann - Victim of the wrecking of the S.S. Schiller, 1875.  There is a memorial in the Old Town churchyard "In memory of Hermann Zinkeisen, of Milwaukie, USA., born Alten burg, Germany, 22nd August, 1827, and his wife, Celina Bertha Natalie Mohr, born at Treves, Germany, 21st July, 1828, and their daughter Anna Celilia Zinkeisen, born at Crossplains, Winconsin, U..A.., 14th September, 1862, who were drowned in the wreck of the steamship 'Schiller', off this coast, in the night of 7th of May, 1875.