The Druid's Sacred Bowl & the Druid's Chair

The Druids Sacred Bowl (Above) and the Druid's Chair (Right) can be found either from the coastal path from Porth Hellick Bay heading north OR from The Porth Hellick Down Burial Chamber heading east.  The large rock behind the Druid's Chair is called 'Sun Rock'.


How to find them.

Starting at the Porth Hellick Down Burial Chamber (Above) may be the easiest.  This chamber is also called the Giant's Tomb.  Look east about 100 metres you should see a huge Rock or Boulder (Right), it is nearly 5 metres in diameter. Turn due south at this rock for about seven metres and you should see the Sacred Bowl in the heather. (Below)


A view of the Sun Rock in the distance



South, south, east (S.S.E.) about sixteen metres will bring you to another very large rock/boulder called 'Sun Rock'.  This can be seen to the left of the coast path in the picture below, the Druid's Chair is marked with the 'X'.  Legend has it this is where the Arch Druid sat to observe the rising of the Sun at the Summer Solstice.

Note;  It is here that an early Gibson Guide describes that six metres due east of this spot lies the 'Loaded Camel'.  This was in fact an earlier rock with this name which was damaged.  Conveniently there was another in Porth Hellick Bay to take its place!


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